Culture Program: 3 credits, 3 weeks


Do you love experiencing other cultures? In our culture program, you will taste the best of Salamanca's offerings. Recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage City, Salamanca captures the heart of Spanish culture. You will see history that spans 2,000 years. Salamanca is the home of one of the world's oldest universities. You will walk the beautiful streets, learn to identify architectural styles, and stand where Christopher Columbus stood before his search for the New World.

We're confident that your time will give you new curiosity and appreciation for the history, art, and culture of Spain individually, in the European context, and as vibrant contributor to the world scene. Dr. Boncho Dragiyski will teach classes at notable locations throughout Salamanca. You will experience the typical Spanish lifestyle as you live with a Spanish host family. Prepare to soak in the beauty of Spain's rich culture as you explore all that Salamanca offers.

3 Credits: 3 credits of Spanish culture study with Dr. Boncho Dragiyski in Salamanca. 

3 weeks: Three weeks in Salamanca living with Spanish host families.

Cost: $2,995

Sample 3 week Culture Itinerary: Summer 2018

Dates and travel details will be confirmed by in January of 2018.

July 2 Depart Washington D.C. (IAD) for Madrid
July 3    Arrive in Madrid. Travel to Salamanca and meet host families.
July 4-6Culture Classes in and around Salamanca✝
July 7-8      Weekend trip to Spanish city*
July 9-13Culture Classes in and around Salamanca✝
July 14-15 Weekend trip to Spanish city*
July 16-20 Culture Classes in and around Salamanca✝
July 21-22   Free Weekend. Return to Madrid
Jul 23  Depart from Madrid to Washington D.C. (IAD)

✝ Extracurricular events include things like canoeing, a castle visit, and visiting a nearby cities like Alba de Tormes, Zamora, etc.

* Weekend trips might include visits to Segovia/Ávila, Porto (Portugal), etc.