Language and culture PrograM:

9 Credits, 6 weeks, $7,995


Come immerse yourself in the beautiful language and culture of Spain: Enjoy café in a park. Have conversations with new Spanish friends. Gaze at the grandeur of the architecture. Explore the rich history and art. Live the Spanish lifestyle.

We will visit historical sites, cathedrals, and cities across Spain. During our month in Salamanca (one of Spain's World Heritage Cities) students will take intensive Spanish grammar and conversation classes* at the historic Universidad de Pontificia in Salamanca, live with a host family, and learn about culture in different locations throughout the city from our trip leader, Dr. Boncho Dragiyski. Every aspect of the trip is an opportunity to explore and experience.

*Course level is determined by placement test. Whether you are a complete beginner knowing nothing or an advanced speaker, UPSA's teachers will help you build your language skills.

9 Credits: 6 credits of Spanish language intensive classes from la Universidad de Pontificia in Salamanca, 3 credits of Spanish culture study with Dr. Boncho Dragiyski in Salamanca.

Sample 6 week Itinerary for Summer 2018

Please Note: Dates and travel will be confirmed in January of 2018.

June 26    Depart Washington D.C. (IAD) for Madrid
June 27       Arrive in Madrid
June 27-29    Tour Spanish Cities**
June 30         Travel to Salamanca, Meet host families
July 1            UPSA classes start
July 2-6         UPSA classes✝
July 7-8         Weekend trip to Spanish city*
July 9-13       UPSA classes✝
July 14-15     Weekend trip to Spanish city*
July 16-20      UPSA classes✝
July 21-22      Free weekend
July 23-26      UPSA classes✝
July 27           UPSA Graduation
July 28-Aug 4 Tour of Spanish cities**
August 5       Return to Madrid
August 6       Depart from Madrid to Washington D.C. (IAD)

✝ Extracurricular events include things like canoeing, a castle visit, and visiting a nearby cities like Alba de Tormes, Zamora, etc.

* Weekend trips might include visits to Segovia/Ávila, Porto (Portugal), etc.

**The end-of-program trip will visit prominent Spanish cities.