Destination: Spain 2018 -- Experience. Travel. Learn.

    At Global Perspectives we believe in getting to know the world around us by experiencing it. We trust that feeling Spain's cobblestones under your feet, and tasting the rich flavors of Spanish coffee while learning the language and culture will leave a life-long impact. We invite you to experience it. 


  We're passionate about learning. Through our accredited programs and exciting travel itinerary we're confident you'll bring home knowledge, memories, and stories, along with academic credits. Our goal is to learn something new everyday. We invite you to learn with us. 

  Travel shapes and enhances our view of the world. Our dream of travel was once far-off, just a hopeful bullet-point on our "bucket list," until we decided to get up, pack-up, and walk out the door. We could talk all day about the benefits of travel, but you're on this page, and like us, dream of places you've never been to and people you've never met. We have a lot in common. We invite you to travel with us. 


  Global Perspectives is committed to equipping you with experience, shaping you through learning, and delivering a professional and rich experience. What's keeping you from the adventure of a lifetime? We invite you to join us!

 -Global Perspectives



An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
— Benjamin Franklin